Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. With a correctly installed system, current and future requirements can be met, and hardware that is added in the future will be supported.

Structured cabling is the design and installation of flexible cable networks and dedicated cabling infrastructure enabling communication to multiple devices like computers, phones and other hardwares. It meets today’s need and can fulfill future demands as well. Typical system is capable of meeting current and future requirements with the addition of accessories in future. When IT facilities and associated infrastructures.are being remodelled in any business, the structured cabling is required to be more persistent to meet the fast growing future needs as network merging is imperative in the business environment.

We Starling Eye, one of the recognised structured cabling solutions providing companies in Dubai with proven experience and expertise in structured cabling solutions over the years help us to become the primary choice of clients across UAE. Our team of professionally competent engineers and technicians help customize your structured cabling specifications for any sized business whether it is large or small.The extensive hands-on skill of our technicians on corporate expansion, construction and large scale installation help Starling Eye exist as a hub of structured cabling solution providers in Dubai. Meticulous business approach and strategies we practice right form the kick-off till execution of structured cabling management help us bring mighty clients across Dubai. Our exceptional technical know-how and years of service are able to come up with ingenious thoughts to devise cost-effective and flexible system integration to our clients.

Starling Eye dominates over other structured cabling installation companies by working together with the clients to conform design challenges in line with the site’s architecture and network plan. We render sustainable structured cabling solutions by heeding on specific requirements recommended by our clients and manufacturer’s directions and warranties on each product and service. The surfeit on the structured cabling companies in Dubai raises scepticism on clients for selecting the best for their structured cabling solutions. Our mastery in configuration,design and installation of structured cabling solutions by focusing on construction,corporate relocation and up gradation of existing installations made us one of the leading names in structured cabling installation companies in Dubai, UAE.

Starling Eye is capable of providing either copper or fibre cable connectivity required for voice and data over a LAN irrespective of the number of devices needed to connect or the size of the infrastructure where the structured cabling is being installed. At Starling Eye, the quality of our each product and service is rest assured as we render cutting edge technology to meet the industry standards. We impart periodic training and education to our IT technicians on a regular schedule in order to attain the levels of fast changing evolutions occurring in the structured cabling solutions industry.

Benefits of being Starling Eye’s client

● Timely and economical installation
● Flexible, scalable, secure and robust structured cabling system
● Quick IT support by 24/7
● Correct labeling helps in fast traceability thereby reduced outage time.
● Ensures wireless connectivity
● Fastest response time

As a dominant structured cabling solution provider, we deliver some services as stated below.
● Data cabling
● Fibre optic and copper cable installations
● Cable testing, qualifying and validating
● Cubicle cabling installation
● EMT conduit erection
● Network cabling
● Wireless system integration
● Patch panel and rack installation
● Cable trays and ladder racks installation
● Raceways
● Server cabinet and relay rack

Role of Starling Eye in Structured cabling

We elevate structured cabling networks into a new advanced degree by utilizing inventive ideas. The structured cabling solutions we render with its outstanding quality and compatibility enables us to take on upcoming requirements in the near future. Our products support all the topologies in connecting data and voice. Wide area deployment flexibility is rest assured for any business organization. Ar Starling Eye, the best structured cabling solutions you can simply rely on.