The SHAHIN initiative’s main objective, in line with the rules established by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency
(SIRA) is to increase productivity and security of the authorised cargo fleet in Dubai. This initiative seeks to accomplish its goals.through streamlining trade procedures, strengthening Taking security precautions and improving road safety through ongoing observation of activity involving trucks and shipments in the nation. Through the use of electronic tracking installed devices on both shipments and trucks at several ports, this thorough technology allows for continuous monitoring from the from the time of entry to arrival,making sure that movement is secure and smooth of products.By regularly observing truck and shipment movements throughout the nation, security measures may be strengthened and road safety can be improved. This all-encompassing system makes use of electronic tracking devices that are mounted on cargoes and trucks at various ports, providing 24-hour monitoring from their place of entrance to their destination.All people and organisations who own trucks and goods transportation vehicles that are registered in the Emirates of Dubai are required to register with the SHAHIN online portal system in order to assure compliance. For all cargo transport businesses registered in Dubai, the specified time for SHAHIN company registration (This Portal) expires on July 7, 2023.Additionally, there is a distinct registration under the SecurePath Premium tracking system for cargo vehicles specially registered under all Dubai port authorities and having a Dubai registration. The SecurePath Premium signup cutoff date August 31,2023