fleet management solution

Fleet Management Solution


Starling’s high-end asset tracking solutions powered by cutting edge
GPS/GSM/GIS technologies ensure that your vehicle, personal or eet, is
tracked, traced and managed eectively throughout its journey, plus
keep you aware of all the vital stats of the trip/ vehicle. You can access detailed real time reports about the vehicle or eet, viz. exact location,
speed, fuel consumption, wait times, idle times, travel history and the
like on your hand/mobile device. And that’s not all what our GPS technology does. Once installed on vehicles, it helps satisfy all your eet
requirements, be it maintenance, trip management, accurate and
up-to-date mapping, route planning, or security/fuel alerts, thus
making your eet more ecient and economic than ever.


We understand that parents are on re once their kids are out from
home to school. We also know the pressure on school management
for the safety of each and every child! We thus found a single, simple
solution for both parties: RFID School tracking system. Our RFID based
school bus tracking system keeps parents and school authorities at
ease with its multiple matchless services, viz., route management, student attendance, SMS alerts, live tracking, emergency preparedness
and more. You will instantly realize that safety of your ‘little everything’
has never been so easy and ecient.


  • On-board/in-school RFID Tracking System

  • On-board/in-school Smart Gateway (Combination of advanced RFID, GPS , and GPRS technologies)

  • Unique RFID chips/tags for every child, RFID reader and antennas.

  • Customisable software and end-users applications

  • Dedicated Server

  • Client interface

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Live Vehicle Monitoring

How Does Live GPS Tracking Software Work? Real-time tracking uses a GPS tracking device to send updates in ten seconds to two minute intervals to a fleet
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School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking is a location-based service that helps track the location of school children while in transit, anytime, anywhere, thereby ensuring their safety.
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Ready mix Solution

Ready Mix Solutions produces and delivers ready mixed concrete to both residential homes and businesses throughout Southern Illinois.
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Delivery Fleet Management

Delivery fleet management involves adhering to tight schedules and the ability to see the big picture when it comes to fleet upkeep and performance.
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MDVR Solution

Mobile DVR (digital video recorder) suits for vehicle, moving assets management. EverFocus is your best MDVR solution partner here.
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Driver Management

Implementing a driver management system allows you to get a comprehensive look at your drivers, their productivity, and the overall safety of your assets.
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Employee Tracking Solution

The Employee Tracking System solutions provide real time location of individual workforce with history tracking, distance travelled, stoppages, time in – time out