Securepath Dubai

Securepath Dubai

Secure-path is a DPS now SIRA initiative to make the vehicle rental and leasing industry safer. Under Secure-path since 2014, is it mandatory for all companies dealing in renting or leasing of vehicles to obtain certification and tracker installations from SIRA authorised vendors such as Starling Eye GPS Trading LLC.

All our equipment is TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) and SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) approved. Our Staff and technicians are professionally trained to take through the process from installation to Secure-path certification with peace of mind.

Securepath is a service being used by mobility providers across Dubai and UAE. It is validated and certified by the Security Industries Regulatory Agency (SIRA). Securepath is a mandate in Dubai where vehicles shall be registered for business purposes or rental and lease in the fleet business. This certification assures the fleet industry, even more, safer and grumble-free. All the businesses involved in the leasing or renting of vehicles in Dubai must get certified and obtain the certification effective from the year 2014. Moreover, these companies should install the tracking accessories onboard from SIRA-authorised vendors and suppliers. We Starling Eye GPS Trading LLC. is a SIRA-approved vendor for the tracking devices associated with the Securepath license.

All the vehicles associated with transportation or rental business in Dubai can continuously and concurrently be monitored by using their respective GPS software installed. Securepath ensures nominal data transmission for the effective tracking of the fleet. Being an approved dealer for Securepath software, Starling Eye ensures that our client’s vehicles comply with regulations and policies set forth by the Dubai government. We do trade only TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) and SIRA-approved devices for implementing Securepath. Our professionally trained and qualified crew of technicians made each of our Securepath installations hassle-free as they evaluated through every phase of its integration.

No other servers except Securepath shall be employed for transmitting tracking data is one of the basic prerequisites while devising Securepath. The tracking hardware can also be configured to ease data transmission to multiple servers. This facilitates data transmission to any server where the data is being fetched for tracking information into a third-party server. These possibilities are seamlessly used for enhancing data transmission. It is possible with an ERP app is just one scenario of illegal usage occurring in tracking. The evolution of Securepath fully controls this violation.

One should plan carefully to activate their vehicles in the Securepath Dubai. For this schedule, the GPS tracker installation onboard and Securepath would be done as per this schedule. You can list the rental vehicles while you plan to activate Securepath. Schedule it for 12 months in the future along with the details of rental vehicle-renewal due for each month. By practicing this, it is very helpful in planning the installation schedule of Securepath Dubai.