School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking


Rabia, a little princess, used to go to school by bus every day. Her dad used to pick her up every day at the bus stand after school. One day, because of his business meeting, he was late to succeed in the bus stand. But Rabia wasn’t there when he visited the bus stand. He’s been really nervous. Luckily, he found that the school bus had an RFID bus tracker. He called the school staff and, with the aid of the police, found his daughter safe. Later, Rabia told everyone that the bus driver didn’t stop her call and tried to take her away from the city.

Nowadays, it is also seen everywhere that children are exposed to a lot of such barbarity. Both parents are concerned and worried about the welfare of their children. They’re doing a lot of things to keep their children safe from any kind of danger. This is also the key reason why parents try to drop out and pick their children to school on their own, even with their hectic schedules.

As it is said that modern problems have modern solutions, our technology has created a modern solution to keep our children safe in their school buses, i.e. RFID Bus Tracker. It’s been the next big thing in inventory management. Now, with RFID, we can protect the safety of our lovely children. RFID provides the parents and school administrators with a real-time location of the school bus. This school bus monitoring program helps the transport manager maintain the school bus fleet effectively.

Working of RFID

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an art of technology designed to shield our children from danger. All student information is stored on a chip in a special ID card. Students just need to swipe or tag their card to a special transponder on the bus when entering and leaving the bus. This transponder is equipped with a GPS / GSM tracker and an RFID reader. The RFID reader receives all data from the tracking system on the server and is processed for analysis. At the same time, parents and transport managers received notifications and warnings via SMS / Email. It lets parents view students’ live transportation information, attendance, and other information using our cloud-based application.



The first consideration of all is the wellbeing of our loved ones. This tracking device lets us monitor the precise location of the car. If our loved ones are in some kind of danger, this tracking device is going to be very helpful. Not only can we monitor live locations, but we can also save all data for future use.


RFID tracking devices are also helping to save our time. Students don’t need to get to the bus stand early to wait for the bus. The tracking device will tell you the time the bus takes to get to the exact spot. It offers details of the fleet operation on smartphones.