Astaeel:”Abu Dhabi Bikers: GPS Vital Now!”


Astaeel:”Abu Dhabi Bikers: GPS Vital Now!”

“Abu Dhabi Bikers: GPS Vital Now!”

Attention all Abu Dhabi-plated delivery motorbike owners! Immediate action is required. Register your motorbikes on the ITC- ASATEEL PLATFORM now. Mandatory GPS device installation is now in effect. Contact us ASAP for unbeatable prices! connect with us 052 723 1799

As a recognized official partner of the Asteel Initiative, Starling Eye holds a pivotal role in supporting and enhancing the program’s objectives. Through this partnership, Starling Eye https://asateel.itc.govis uniquely positioned to provide a range of essential services aimed at facilitating compliance and optimizing operations for businesses engaged in commercial transport.

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