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Live Vehicle Monitoring

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Why is the GPS vehicle tracking system so ‘innovative’?

Either you’re driving or at home, with the aid of the Starling Eye GPS tracking platform, have an eye set on the activities of your workforce. It helps shield your vehicles from illegal movements. No matter which vehicle you use for your company or personal use, the GPS vehicle tracking system makes your fleet’s efficiency incredible. Our GPS tracking device acts as a guardian angel for all you asset or fleet related worries.

GPS vehicle tracking systems ensure that the fleet is handled efficiently round the clock. It not only boosts business efficiency and protection, but also makes the business very profitable due to low-cost maintenance. It is easily accessed on various platforms such as Mac, Windows, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. Your fleet position and standing will be displayed on your machine all the time.

GPS vehicle tracking systems give you live details about your fleet. It also allows you to consider whether or not the job is done on time. GPS vehicle tracking system also helps to remove any suspicions of unnecessary cost or misuse of your time, asset and money. You’ll even be ready to optimize the time spent by your staff on the field. By keeping the time of the drivers, it will be helpful to create an honest reputation of your company for on-time delivery

Over the course of time, the fleet monitoring system has changed the way of business tremendously. If you want to modernize and develop your company during this competitive period, you need to be accompanied by a GPS vehicle tracking device. Numerous businesses either small or corporates are opting to implement the GPS vehicle tracking systems to enhance their productivity

Working of Starling GPS Vehicle Tracking System

The Starling GPS Vehicle Tracking System uses the new cutting edge GPS tracking technologies to offer the best service to our customers. After installation of the GPS tracking system in the vehicle, the Starling GPS tracking system will start to determine the exact location and activity of the vehicle. With a real-time tracking device, Starling Eye customers can find all of their assets and vehicles at any given time. All data of the tracked positions of the vehicle can be stored or transmitted to the monitoring device and analyzed in a GPS-enabled smartphone with GPS tracking software.


Saves fuel and time

The GPS tracking system helps reduce fleet fuel costs by 30%-40%. Company profits are very much influenced by the cost of fuel consumption. GPS tracking systems optimize the route and track engine idling, thereby reducing the carbon footprint that contributes to a reduction in fuel consumption. GPS tracking systems also help to get to know the drivers to get to their destination. It saves a lot of time for the drivers and keeps them free of problems, too.

Cost savings

GPS vehicle tracking system helps to drive efficiently, and reduces the fuel consumption which leads to the cost efficient. It eliminates unnecessary idling, controlling speed limits and detours.

Better maintenance

Tracking also offers a better and more reliable mileage of the pace. It also warns when the service time is due, thereby minimizing downtime and outage. It reduces the tension on the road when driving by giving warnings to heavy traffic.