Employee Tracking Solution

Employee Tracking Solution

With our employee tracking android and IOS app, employees can easily check in and out no matter where they
are. Our cross platform integration gives all the users the convenience to track the vehicles and individual
employees all on ONE PLATFROM. All the activity data is securely stored in our cloud base servers accessible to
our clients in easily readable reported and user friendly live tracking platform.

How Employee tracking plays a very essential role as men and money are assumed to be the key sources of any business to grow. It is economically pragmatic to lift any business to the peak of the graph by improving the productivity of employees. Since competition is increasing everywhere in the business keeping an eye on the revenue. Starling Eye can be one of your options if you are in search of the best employee tracking software in Dubai. Tracking employees prevents lagging back on active hours and helps in calculating the pay. Thus the employee ERP software helps in employee productivity and tracking. It rests assured that your data is fully secured on our base server adhered to data security policy.

At Starling Eye, irrespective of your business we provide the best employee tracking app that can meet your prerequisite as well as the limit you set on the budget. The state-of-the-art technology adaptation in asset management led us to become the dominant technology hub by developing the best employee tracking software in Dubai. We deliver innovative employee management software by effectively iterating on your specifications. You can effectively save the cost and get better performances by tracing the employers onboard.

Why Employee tracking becomes demanding

It is the proprietor who ceaselessly battling the challenges of field workers as it is hard to locate them when out of office and sight. Another hurdle is to know whether they are working as assigned, or reached their destination site. It is necessary for the field supervisor to keep him posted about the completed task and whether the employee needs any assistance. Our concern being the employee tracking software in Dubai is to ensure the work is taken seriously without any outage period,which is why Starling Eye plays our role. We offer GPS tracking technologies for effective workforce deployment.

Employee ERPsoftwares facilitate real-time remote monitoring of the employees without alerting them and track the websites they often visit. More importantly, employee tracking apps help to eliminate disputes and worksite harassment over IP theft-related issues. It is being executed by keeping the emails and even keystrokes for future reference. You will be able to view instantly multiple systems in the network of the employee management systems. Other possibilities of employee tracking software help do emergency preparedness thus prevent from occurring besides screen scheduling and reporting over any malpractice with solid evidence.

The employee management software in Dubai adapts the possibilities of the latest GPS technology to make field employees visible from a remote dashboard. Business optimization is possible thereby the productivity when all the data about the employees are accessible at any point in time. This employee tracking app helps in evaluating and rewarding each worker as they are constantly monitoring.


● Can immediately be reacted to any worker’s need as it regularly monitors.
● There is no breach of trust as long as the employees are educated of its benefits.
● The outdoor employees are free from frequent calls questioning their current spots and engaging activities.
● Helps in calculating extra hours worked by each employee.
● An alternative solution can be availed when an employee has any problem with their vehicle.
● It is needed not necessarily to be reported back to the office by the staff once the duty hours get over and thus help focus on the work.
● It lets the management resolve any wrangle and produce the event history if required.
Having mentioned the benefits of employee tracking software, a few scenarios shall be taken into account. Below find some aspects.
● Monitoring time
● Communication between the app and the central dashboard
● Real-time monitoring
● Precision
● Timesheet and auto attendance system
● Employee performance history

Keeping an eye on the workers and their tasks are the major concerns of businesses that hire drivers. Starling Eye can ease this by providing the best employee ERP software in Dubai.