Driver Management

Driver Management

Driver management module helps our clients to utilize their workforce to the full potential. It uses the driver
scoring system based on their driving behaviour and generates automated reports to pin point individual
strengths and weaknesses which results in increased productivity and teamwork

The driver being the most pivotal asset belongs to any fleet management company, giving extra focus on the driver-centric framework is having utmost preference here at Starling Eye. We succeeded to deliver one of the best driver management software available across Dubai, UAE. The best driver management app is designed to help advance and exploit the crew to their maximum capabilities. The driver management system uses driver scoring algorithms based upon driver attributes which ultimately input to generate automated reports. These reports of individual drivers help define the pros and cons, reflect on the productivity of the entire team onboard the driver management app. Driver management software lets clients the new extended possibilities pertained to the role of a driver in the delivery fleet circle.

Managing drivers intelligently helps curtail the overhead thus reasonably adding revenue margin in each annum. This can be attained constructively by imparting training to drivers, effective fuel, and telematic system integration by deploying the best driver management software. It will help deliver the best service if it gives more attention to fleet service cost and vehicle mileage. We being the prominent driver management software providers in Dubai, permit you to get notified of all aspects of freight. That is round the travel schedule such as before the journey begins, during its course, and on arrival stage. It is a tough task to decide which is the best software for driver management in this modern era of technology. Apart from all, our driver management app can even get your advice and real-time up-to-date data on driver management to optimize the fleet business.

When fleet management sector growth is on top gear, the best driver management app monitors and helps drivers to reach the destination in the most efficient route besides monitoring the vehicle and its driver. The best driver management software monitors their team and shall be able to respond to the sudden changes in the situations very swiftly. It is possible by the ultra-compact concatenation right from scheduling to dispatching over an array of operations rated to fleet management. Driver management software in Dubai becomes effective in optimizing their business by extending training on economic driving, how do we find out fuel at the best local prices and the best route to save time.

In simple words, effective management of driver and fuel would considerably contribute to saving experiences. The dashboard helps access to get any change on vehicle assignments, driver permits, and availability, skill and hours worked at a glance. It is considered the best driver management app and is compatible with almost all segments of today’s smartphones. Since phones are even handier than any other devices, it is very secure and easy to respond to the driver and execute appropriate action timely as needed. All necessary data regarding drivers shall correctly be uploaded on the device for running the best driver management app.

Since the delivery fleet industry is tremendously big, spotting the best driver management software in Dubai is a tiring job. At Starling Eye, we do heed on the driver’s safety as well. The driver can alarm the control station upon transferring the emergency signal by actuating a panic key in the event of an emergency. The best driver management system will also install special-purpose devices on the vehicles being allocated to fleet management. It establishes communication from the vehicle to the control desk which can stop the engine if any theft is occurring. The driver is a vital asset of fleet management, Starling Eyecare about the drivers too.

Following are a few Benefits of driver management software
● Integration of driver management software with telematics and GPS assures the odometer accuracy.
● It tracks fuel consumption exactly by devising cards for fuel onboard the driver man app thereby limiting theft.
● Define safety codes in investigating accidents to figure them out and prevent them in the future.