PABX Installation and configuration

PABX Installation and configuration

We deal in all prominent brands of PABX systems and our IT technicians are committed in providing best
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We, Starling Eye, realize the significance of modern communication systems in any business to move forward. The correct communication system integration ensures your reachability either within your establishment or other locations where the communication network is set up. An ideal communication system should endure and grow as long as any business runs. Starling Eye assures its clients are procuring the best available product for their business needs. The smart PABX telephone systems are the sophisticated solutions in communication to propel your business strategy. Being a specialist in the installation and configuration of PABX Telephony systems in Dubai, Starling Eye renders you the exact PABX system for your organization.

We at Starling Eye are one of the well-respected PABX service providers merchandising all leading brands for small and large scale undertakings in Dubai. We install and integrate the system at a reasonable budget than any others do. We provide the maximum range from multiple branch interlinked systems to even a single phone to have productive communication regardless of the size of any organization or network.

PABX System

Private Automatic Branch Exchange is the backbone of inter and intra-business voice communication over many years. It is considered to be a feasible VoIP alternative. It employs various platforms such as Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and more along with many line and base stations for communication. This system eases access to many lines with limited public lines being in use.

This new generation communication system prevails over the traditional analog telephone network in so many instances. It would be able to manage incoming outgoing calls, conference calls, auto answering, automated queries at hotels and offices, voice mailings, faxing, etc. It lets you connect multiple lines with a single unit and can make extensions within a private network.

An office needs to install dedicated phone lines for each employee to his/her office and it should be charged like normal calls for each line. These hindrances can be avoided by contriving PABX which enables employees in an organization to connect each other only by dialing extension numbers. These internal calls are absolutely freebies. Since all employees are not supposed to make calls at a time, it causes less data traffic and can exchange calls optimally among staff.

Types of PABX System

Selecting the suitable system in any organization reckons on some basic elements which may include network size, employee count, usage and level, the budget of the firm. Primarily three kinds of PABX systems can be found.

VoIP PABX system

● Mostly this type is applicable for establishments such as call centers and any other operations which are profoundly linked with communication purposes.VoIP system enables the user to expand the existing system capacity by incorporating extra telephone lines. It is compatible to connect PCs wirelessly enabling the users to access from anywhere within the dedicated network. The system enhances an online web-based management system wherein the respective employees are permitted to access remotely.

Hybrid PABX system

● This can be a choice for offices that plan to optimize the output over a short period as it is the union of conventional and VoIP PABX systems. It enables the attributes like provision of line extensions, group call, fax, call recording, and messages.

Conventional PABX system

● A good option for small-scale business operations as it can’t incur much more in communication system integration. This doesn’t need more hardware and telephone systems. It has features like call recording, group calling, id displaying but only for limited lines can be added on.

Starling Eye comes with flexible plans to meet your business needs from our wide range of international brands.